The Luther Rose

A widely recognized symbol of Lutheranism.

From 10″ to 20″ in diameter, in your choice of wood species.


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Directional Signs

Help your congregation get where they are going.

Custom designs available.


Directional Signs


by The Wooden Schu

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Directional Signage

We produce custom signs as well.  Customize a directional sign with your own image, verse, room name, directional info.

NALC Logo Signs

Signs produced with the logo of the North American Lutheran Church.

Luther Rose

In the 1520’s, Dr. Martin Luther designed and started to use what is now known as the Luther Rose on the title page of his works while teaching at Wittenberg. Today, it is a widely recognized symbol of Lutheranism. For Luther, his seal was an expression of his theology and faith, as well as a stamp used to authorize his correspondence.

Classroom Signs

Supply your own design for classroom identification.


Supply your own logo.

Office Identification

Supply your own design.